Monthly Archives: May 2010

Well, what can I say other than Ina May? She is in town now and I was able to see her twice. Once at the Colorado Midwives Association conference and then again at an open Parent’s Night. We are all so blessed to have her knowledge, humor, passion and compassion […]

Ina May

Attempting to go to bed when on call…..somewhat tricky. It takes a bit longer to fall asleep…was that the phone?….did it make a noise?… it still on and the battery charged?….better check it again. Ah, finally asleep and the dreams start….a Mama calls and says her water broke and there […]

waking up….

Just a quick observation…when you will be doing IUD’s, don’t wear black pants due to the sterile glove powder. Don’t wear white due to drops of betadine, don’t wear long, loose sleeves…you can imagine. Actually, there is probably no perfect clothing choice when doing IUD’s. But the most important thing […]

one lesson…

Just a flutter, soft and warmA glimmer in your father’s eyesA squishy print in your mother’s soulDeep, deep down in the dark, cool place…restful and serenePresent for only a flash and yet so bright that the mark will forever burn Thinking of my little lost one today. How such a […]