Monthly Archives: October 2010

Early morning phone call…round two. My new midwife colleague called at 5:00am and I did not even wake up! I finally figured out why…I am just like Pavlov’s dog…I had not yet set her ring to the “birth center” ring…which will instantly wake me from a dead sleep. I heard […]

a girl and a boy

In almost all ways, my job is ideal. I am blessed to serve women and thier families outside of the hospital. I am able to develop relationships with these families over time. I help support anf guide women through childbirth….and can specialize in hands and knees waterbirth by candle light! […]

Where’s the climax??

Last night, I hit the big 3-0….thirty babies caught as an actual midwife! I was looking back at my birth log this afternoon…after I woke up…from being at the birth center until 2:00 am. 19 of the babes have been boys and 11 have been girls, 13 have been first […]

The Big 30