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To be with birth is to be with Divinity. To hold this sacred space and to welcome this new soul to the world is a true blessing. I have a belief that if every adult human could be present for a healthy, supported and planned natural birth, we could be […]

Divinity in the Room

Please be sure to scroll down and read part 1 before starting part 2 OK, here I sit, ready to attempt to finish this story. Armed with coffee and a scone…I need comfort for this one. I made my way back to Dad and little baby girl. On the walk […]

a long time coming, part 2

I have been trying to write this for a long time, and am just now feeling able. This birth story is from a while ago, and was during my intense time of trial by fire earlier this year. The labor was amazing. A beautiful primip, working in harmony with her […]

a long time coming, part 1