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To me, the amniotic membranes are an amazing and beautiful thing. They embody the concept of strength in flexibility. Being so incredibly thin and yet such a tough defender of the babe. Keeping the baby tucked inside; encompassing the salty, warm, nurturing environment of the womb. When I do vaginal […]

Born En Caul

I have often been told that as a student, we all have a “hang up”, a scenario that we fret over. For some it is a postpartum hemorrhage, a surprise vaginal breech, a serious baby resuscitation, etc. For me it was always a shoulder dystocia, a complication where the baby’s […]

the shoulders

This transition from student to midwife is a hefty load….of course it should be and I did not expect it to be easy. From the beginning, I had a feeling of floating around, with my feet way ahead of me or way behind. I was constantly attempting to catch up […]

the unkown milestone

Wake up call at 5am, two Mama’s at the center, both first time Mama’s whose water had broken in the night….Little did I know that I was destined to be hit over the head with the cosmic 2X4 of birth humility by one of these sweet ladies…. Molly is a […]

the 2X4 of birth humility….

I have a strong faith and belief that birth is a natural process, that women are strong and babies are wise. That when a healthy women is nurtured and supported through the journey, she will most likely have a powerful and transformative birth experience. As a midwife, these beliefs are […]


Many times, I will hear women say that they hope for a very fast labor. This is deffinitely a situation where I will say “be careful what you ask for”, just because it goes fast does not mean it goes easy. An example….. Got a call from a second time […]

fast labors

So, if you were able to read the previous post, I said that I would be writing about two different shifts. For both of these shifts, I was basically at the center for 24 hours. However, they were both very different in how they played out. Phone call at 5am…my […]

a day in the life #2….

Recently, I have been at the center for several 24 hour shifts. We are always scheduled for 24 hours, but usually are not there for the whole time, thankfully. I am writing about these two in particular because they were very different and exemplify the diversity of labor and birth…. […]

a day in the life….#1