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Whew, two sweet squishy babes early this morning. One girl and one boy…and a nice way to get out of the land of negative…. But my mind does still wander, this time to the babes. How do we welcome our new generation to this earth? I can’t hope but believe […]

sweet squishies

We have been sooooo quiet! I know, I know…don’t rock the boat or jinx anything, but it is getting ridiculous. My fingers are getting a serious itch. I have drained and filled, due to lack of use, too many birth pools. All of this ‘free time’ has lead my mind […]

a little rant

One and two and three… releaseOne and two and three… releaseOne and two and three… releaseOne and two and three…releaseInflation breaths….come on inflation….come on inflation….I can hear the words as spoken by my NRP teacher….all is so quiet…except the mantra…one and two and three…release The labor had been so sweet, […]

breathe, two, three, breathe, two, three…

I was able to spend yesterday at conference, which was fabulous, for several reasons. First, I love learning and studying…I know, I know…but, if I am being honest, I am a complete nerd. Going to conferences is one way that I can get my batteries re-charged and it is always […]

conference day

We had all been working very hard for a very long time…. Susan was having her first baby. She had a long first stage, but not really much longer than a lot of Mama’s who are having their first. She had a good support system, had been able to keep […]

how long is too long?

Today has been a day full of snow and reflection. Snow often brings me to points of reflection. My thoughts have been wondering to memories of my own births and pregnancies…so very different from each other…for many reasons. I have had three pregnancies and two births. My first pregnancy was […]

thinking back

Laura is a very sweet first time Mama. I had been able to see her several times during her prenatal care and really liked her and her husband, Tim. She had been on our “labor radar” for several days as she had been experiencing pretty difficult prodromal contractions. She had […]

the eyes