Monthly Archives: May 2011

I love waterbirths, I have always loved them. My second child was born in the water and my first would have been if the hospital had “allowed” it, at least I was “allowed” to labor in the water. The funny thing about waterbirths is that they are wet 😉 and […]

Fancy a Swim?

So, being a midwife is not only all about labor and birth. I am blessed to work in a practice that also provides newborn care for the first two weeks, and I love it!! Recently, I have learned how to perform frenotomy’s. These are done when a baby is “tongue […]

You say frenectomy, I say frenotomy

I was very happy to get a call from this awesome family. They were expecting their first baby. We met at the center and she did seem to be in a great labor pattern. She spent a little time getting settled in, going to the bathroom, being in the room. […]