Monthly Archives: June 2011

I really do love keeping this blog, and have found it enlightening. However, I crave to hear the thoughts of those who bless me with their time to read it…so I have decided to periodically post some questions or topics to discuss. Let’s start a place where we can share […]

The lovely Placenta…

I firmly believe that each woman should be treated as an individual and that the concept of blanket interventions for all is ridiculous. Birth is a natural process and if we trust it, it will most often work for itself. Most of the time, my job is to be present […]

When Interventions Are a Good Thing

I just have to say, that I love siblings at births! In my experience it is such a great way for the older child/children to feel that they are also part of this process…and there is nothing like the look on their sweet faces when they see the new little […]

Love and Bubbles

This calling is truly a blessing…to be included in and welcomed to such an intimate and special time for families is a gift. Seeing these women transform to mothers in those precious first moments and watching the awe in the faces of thier partners…these are times to be cherished. However, […]

Midwifing the Midwife