Monthly Archives: July 2011

I think that the first issue I would like to tackle is birth trauma. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and is not relegated only to the hospital setting. The idea that I ponder about the creation of birth trauma is exactly why/how does it happen? Clearly, there are myriad […]

Normal Birth?…part 2…

What is normal birth? I often ask this question. Often times a normal birth may include many things that are not “normal” but that happen. Here is an example… She was a sweet first time Mama, her man was supportive and loving, her Mother was present and wonderful. She labored […]

Normal Birth?…part 1….

It was a good to have a baby…I had two lovely first time Mama’s working on their little ones. The sun was shining, the flowers were out and the sky was sapphire blue. Day time births are less common and so seem somehow different and rare to me….. Andrea’s water […]

And Tantrum Makes Three….