Monthly Archives: September 2011

I am by no means a superiorily experienced midwife, and as many of you know, still consider myself a “young-un“. That being said, I do feel that I have built a strong foundation on which to grow my skills. I have been blessed with fantastic teachers and mentors, wonderful families […]

Guided Hands

So, most of us are probably familiar with the term “the language of love”. I firmly believe that there is also a “language of labor”, a universal language that is shared by women during birth. I have had this belief for a long time, but recently had a birth that […]

The Language of Labor

Well, this weekend was full of so much information, both good and bad! I was able to attend a conference….The American Association of Birth Centers 5th annual. Overall it was great, so wonderful to be surrounded by people who are also involved in the crazy wonderfullness that is a birth […]