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6 thoughts on “Cesarean Birth

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! I make a conscious effort to say ‘cesarean’ or ‘cesarean birth’ any time I talk about this kind of birth, either with my Birthing From Within students or doula clients, or just in my social circles. To some it may be a small, semantic issue, but if we could get the terms “c-section” or “section” out of our birth language, people may begin to see cesareans differently. It may be an unwished-for event, but it is still a birth; the birth of a mother and the birth of a baby. It is important to prepare women prenatally for this possibility, and the language we use can go a long way in lessening the trauma. Thank you for writing this… I love it!

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    Surgical birth is very different than vaginal birth. While they both result in motherhood and an addition to the family, they can not and should not be treated the same. No matter how “nice” you try to make the surgical birth it is still surgery. Disappointment in all or parts of ones birth is very common, in all types of births. Helping women have the best birth possible for them is a calling and not for the faint of heart. We need to come together as a community and change how women and babies are treated in the hospital. Thank you for your work in this area.

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      Yes, they are very different births but both experiences and families need to honored and treated with respect. Thank you for your thoughts and observations. This is something that we need to continue to work for.