Divinity in the Room 1

To be with birth is to be with Divinity. To hold this sacred space and to welcome this new soul to the world is a true blessing. I have a belief that if every adult human could be present for a healthy, supported and planned natural birth, we could be many steps closer to peace. Is it possible to sit in that space and not recognize the glory, honor, courage, compassion and integrity of each precious being, both old and new? Perhaps, since I come from a personal background of a deep faith, this belief is pre-disposed in me. But I find it hard to believe that a person could be in that space and not be moved on some level……

The Divinity of a partner offering love and support through the wiping of a brow with a cool towel and gentle touches. The Divinity of supporters joining in the woman’s birth song to lend her strength. The Divinity of the “second wind”; that well of fortitude that a woman is somehow miraculously able to dip from when she has exhausted all other energy sources. The Divinity of the power that can pour out of a woman’s head, heart, muscles and very soul as she works to birth….

The Divinity that I have felt, moving through my heart and hands at birth. Honestly, I have been taught such humility in response. I have, in times of great stress and need, felt the support of Divinity working through me….to breathe and massage and speak life into a tiny little baby…a deep knowing of when to stop “pushing” a woman and her baby….a sudden need to have a woman get out of the water, for no apparent reason, but then to have the reason become clear. In these circumstances, I truly feel unable to take full credit for these actions. Yes, I have trained and observed and prepared for these situations, but ultimately, they are not completely in my control….this has been a hard lesson and one that I will most likely be continually working on. I must constantly be on the lookout…the often spoken of ‘eyes of a hawk’, and open to the power of the mother and the power of Divinity…..

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