I am a Midwife 1

Deep in my bones I am a Midwife. Through my body, out of my hands and out to the universe. These are my words and my declaration. My promise and my burden. I take all of it and carry it forward.

I am a Midwife

I am a Midwife, this word is charged
     It germinates deep in my heart
     It sprouts through my chest and up my throat
     Erupts and blooms out of my mouth
     A flaming crimson, impossible to cloak, flower

I am a Midwife, this word is charged
     As it spills out, I can see the searching
     The looking, beneath the surfaces, in the neurons and synapses
     It seems familiar, somewhere mingled in the plasma
     Then it is found; “Didn’t all of you get burned centuries ago?”

I am a Midwife, this word is charged
     The flower transforms, becomes a glowing candle
     Offering warmth and guidance, a harbor
     A focal point in the storm that rages
     The storm of birth, of blood, of cycles, of death, of life

I am a Midwife, this word is charged
     Yes, men can be midwives
     No, they are not called midhusbands
     I am ready for the electricity the word evokes
     The curiosity, disdain, the hostility, enthusiasm, the wonder

I am a Midwife, this word is charged
     The candle transforms, becomes a dripping torch
     Illuminating, burning, clearing, scorching and renewing 
     Strong against the onslaught
     Standing as a beacon for the warriors

I am a Midwife, this word has a charge
     I am charged
     With the burden, the gift, the responsibility, the joy
     I wear the flowers, I carry the candle and I am flanked by the torches
     Sometimes I get burned, singed around the edges or to my core
     Sometimes I am wrapped in Grace, my cracks filled with gold
     All the time I am the Charge, I am a Midwife, this is my promise

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