Nurses Unite
Nurses Unite to provide excellent care! I am a midwife and that is how I introduce myself. However, I am also a nurse and am a Certified Nurse Midwife. When I started my path to midwifery, I never planned to become a nurse first. I also never planned to be […]

Nurses Unite- The Midwife Perspective

A dear colleague of mine is starting on the path of becoming a midwife. Last night, some midwife-sisters gathered to wish her well and share encouragement. I quickly jotted down some words; through my sleep and today, they have expanded into a poem for new midwives and I share it here […]

Poem for New Midwives

Obstetric Violence 3
Obstetric Violence is real and is major human rights issue! We sat at her kitchen table drinking coffee. The sky was a clear blue with a gentle breeze. As often happens, when women hear that I am midwife, she wanted to share her birth stories with me. When this happens, […]

Obstetric Violence (trigger warning)

Birth Happens 2
Birth Happens! Sometimes it happens so quickly that you barely have time to catch the sweet baby, let alone make it all the way inside the birth center! Midwives are used to quick thinking and even quicker responses. Thankfully, these skills were at my fingertips for this birth. The other […]

Birth Happens-Life of a Midwife

What is the Worth of a Midwife? 8
This is a question that I often find myself contemplating. What is the worth of a midwife?  I wish to be able to give my knowledge and support to every person who would want it.  The reality is that that is not really possible. This is a fine line we […]

What is The Worth of a Midwife?

Power of Choice 4
I have some soap boxes to get on today. There is a lot of “doctor or hospital blaming” that can happen in the natural childbirth community. Some of it is deserved and some of it is not. What is becoming clear to me is that for any real change to […]

Power of Choice

Birth is Elemental 9
  This work, the work of being a midwife, is elemental. Birth itself is elemental; primordial and ancient, rooted in the origins of our species.  In our modern world with all of our conveniences, it can be easy to forget that we are creatures of this natural world. Birth brings […]

Birth is Elemental

300 Babies! Once again, I am honored and humbled to be in this position serving women and their families. I am eternally grateful for my own family who make it possible for me to do what I love; particularly my amazing husband who is my rock and my own Mother […]

Midwife Outcomes, 300 Babies Later

  Or, Laughing Through Transition. Every birth, every woman, every family and every baby are different. Some birth songs are fierce, some are soft, some songs are shy and some are boisterous. Each one is unique. The wonderful Ina May Gaskin has noted that the cervix and the mouth/jaw/throat are intimately […]

Laughing Through Transition; Aquarium Nets and Naked Men

Our Government in Action
I recently attended the national American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) conference in Washington DC. Part of the conference was a Lobby Day, where attendees visited their state representatives in person to educate them on birth centers and issues that we face.  It was a great experience, myself and the owner […]

Our Government in Action?….