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I was recently lucky enough to attend the MANA/CAM Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was my first MANA conference and it was a lot of fun! It is an amazing experience to be surrounded by people that you share a passion with. To meet others walking on the same […]

Let’s Get Along

Well, this weekend was full of so much information, both good and bad! I was able to attend a conference….The American Association of Birth Centers 5th annual. Overall it was great, so wonderful to be surrounded by people who are also involved in the crazy wonderfullness that is a birth […]


Now, I know that some of you may be thinking/wondering what type of hose I refer to. Well, let me just clarify that I mean hose in the literal, water your garden sense of the word. Working at a birth center has many, many benefits…I get to offer the type […]

The Hose Wrangler

So, being a midwife is not only all about labor and birth. I am blessed to work in a practice that also provides newborn care for the first two weeks, and I love it!! Recently, I have learned how to perform frenotomy’s. These are done when a baby is “tongue […]

You say frenectomy, I say frenotomy

Wow, again, it seems hard to believe that I have reached this milestone! I have compiled a rough group of stats from these births, but I do have some disclaimers. First, these births are only the ones that I was able to “catch”. So, these do not include Mama’s that […]

Stats..the first 100!

Today has been a day full of snow and reflection. Snow often brings me to points of reflection. My thoughts have been wondering to memories of my own births and pregnancies…so very different from each other…for many reasons. I have had three pregnancies and two births. My first pregnancy was […]

thinking back