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Putting yourself out there is very difficult.  I think it is important, but hard none the less.  As a birth worker…one who often struggles with the apparent lack of accountability in US maternity care, I feel that it is a duty to be open and transparent with my own stats.  In […]

Putting Yourself Out There

I can hardly believe that I have been blessed to catch 200 babies.  As I sit here writing this, I am overcome with gratitude.  Gratitude for all the families that have shared their births with me, gratitude for all of my teachers along the way, gratitude for my own amazing family and gratitude for […]

Stats…200 Babies!

Right now, literally, I am precepting a wonderful new midwife.  She is guiding a lovely first time Mom through second stage.  I am down the hall, well within hearing distance (don’t worry though, the Mom cannot hear my typing ;)), trying very hard not to be over her shoulder.  We […]

Sitting on My Hands

Just some tidbits and snippets from recent births….. In case you were ever wondering….an AquaDoula birth pool will in fact hold a 5’11” full term pregnant Mama and her 6’6″ husband! It will look like a soup of belly and long legs but it will work. It is possible for […]

Tidbits and Snippets

There are moments; moments that envelope, define and articulate this work….. Discovering the first “clip-clop, clip-clop” of a tiny heartbeat.Words shared to build a relationship.The glorious, squishy rolling of a babe in the womb.The reach of a hand, looking for comfort.Ripples made from the breathing of a woman in the […]


Here I sit at my kitchen table, sipping a mocha and watching the snow fall outside. Lately, I have been heavy thinking on the topic of pride. It is a subject that I often ponder from time to time. Clearly, too much pride can be a bad thing. However, pride […]

Midwife Pride

Well, if have been reading this blog, you know that I feel blessed by my “job”. My co-workers are fantastic and our clients and their families are wonderful. I recently had an experience that reminded me how awesome our collaborating providers are. We work very closely with a particular pediatric […]

The Serenade

Be a Midwife 14
This profession is definitely an adventure, and is never dull. It requires strength, both physically and mentally. At the birth center where I work, we take 24 hour call shifts 1-2 times a week. These are our “labor” shifts and I generally look forward to them. The following is an […]

So, you want to be a midwife?….