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Just had to share this photo of my darling daughter!We attended our local Rally to Improve Birth today and this is the sign she made; all by herself with no input from me.  She is another reason why I fight the fight every day doing what I do!

Improve Birth Rally

Sitting down to write this at the end of this week, I am exhausted.  Physically and emotionally exhausted.  I did not catch one baby or attend one woman in labor.  Yet, this week has left me drained and close to the edge.  Whether you may want it to be or […]

Why Fight?

A little over a month ago I was approached by a great new organization, Future Midwives of America. It is great resource that is dedicated to helping students on the path of midwifery.  I am grateful that it is also a place that discusses both CNM and CPM as valid paths without […]


My work at the birth center is an integral part of my life.  In many ways, it does not seem right to call it work.  Midwifery is so much more than a profession; some refer to it as a calling.  It becomes a core part of your lifestyle and a […]

The Ina May Weekend

This weekend, I was honored and blessed to have the opportunity to meet and spend time with several amazing midwives at an event in Florida.  One of whom was Ina May Gaskin.  It was truly a gift and I will be sharing part of my experience in an upcoming post, […]

Powerful Weekend

Outcomes of Care in Birth Centers: Demonstration of a Durable Model Stapleton 2013 Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health Wiley Online Library This is the new “Birth Center Study”.  It clearly proves (yet again) that the midwifery lead birth center model of care is fantastic!  This model of care increases […]

YAY! Birth Centers!

For the complete background on this issue, please refer back to two recent posts: “Stats….200 Babies” and ” Putting Yourself Out There”.  Briefly, back in November, I was lucky to catch my 200th little babe.  Afterward, I put together some statistics from those births.  Some were expected and some were not.   […]

The Great Chux Weighing Experiment