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Physiologic Cord Clamping 29
I have been on a quest recently to take back much of the language that we utilize around birth in our culture. (You can read another piece on the idea of my language revolution in regards to Community Birthing here.) For this piece, I plan to discuss the concept and language around […]

Physiologic Cord Clamping

Ask A Midwife 1
I am excited to continue with this Ask A Midwife series. I put a call out to social media for questions that folks have always wanted to ask a midwife and I got so many great responses! This time I will answer three questions with a similar theme. In Part […]

Ask A Midwife, Part Two

This is Midwifery 2
This is Midwifery. This image is clearly stunning, the joy and power radiate from it. There is one big thing about this image that stands out to me as a midwife. The focal point is the family. The midwife is present, behind them offering support but is not the center […]

This is Midwifery

Ask A Midwife 6
For quite some time I have been mulling over the idea of doing an ‘Ask A Midwife’ series. Recently, I decided to go for it. To get started I posted this question to several Facebook groups “Imagine that you are sitting at your local coffee shop, with a local midwife. […]

Ask A Midwife, Part One

New Frontier
Hello All and Welcome to my new frontier via a brand new home! For some time, I have been experiencing some growing pains with my blog, feeling that I wanted to do and say more. I have wanted to take it in a new direction.  I feel passionately about being […]

New Frontier- A New Home and Mission

Community Birthing 13
Language matters. Words, when spoken, have weight and a certain power. As birth workers we know this; the birthing person delivers the baby NOT the provider, midwives “catch” babies. The difference between “my care provider supported me through my VBAC” versus “my care provider allowed me to VBAC” is a […]

Community Birthing

Being a CNM
Let me start off by saying that I am first and foremost a Midwife and I have learned that life often takes us to places we may never had anticipated. But for me, being a CNM is lovely. When I first decided to commit to this journey and become a […]

Being a CNM is Lovely

Nurses Unite
Nurses Unite to provide excellent care! I am a midwife and that is how I introduce myself. However, I am also a nurse and am a Certified Nurse Midwife. When I started my path to midwifery, I never planned to become a nurse first. I also never planned to be […]

Nurses Unite- The Midwife Perspective

A dear colleague of mine is starting on the path of becoming a midwife. Last night, some midwife-sisters gathered to wish her well and share encouragement. I quickly jotted down some words; through my sleep and today, they have expanded into a poem for new midwives and I share it here […]

Poem for New Midwives

Obstetric Violence 3
Obstetric Violence is real and is major human rights issue! We sat at her kitchen table drinking coffee. The sky was a clear blue with a gentle breeze. As often happens, when women hear that I am midwife, she wanted to share her birth stories with me. When this happens, […]

Obstetric Violence (trigger warning)