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New Frontier
Hello All and Welcome to my new frontier via a brand new home! For some time, I have been experiencing some growing pains with my blog, feeling that I wanted to do and say more. I have wanted to take it in a new direction.  I feel passionately about being […]

New Frontier- A New Home and Mission

Community Birthing 13
Language matters. Words, when spoken, have weight and a certain power. As birth workers we know this; the birthing person delivers the baby NOT the provider, midwives “catch” babies. The difference between “my care provider supported me through my VBAC” versus “my care provider allowed me to VBAC” is a […]

Community Birthing

Being a CNM
Let me start off by saying that I am first and foremost a Midwife and I have learned that life often takes us to places we may never had anticipated. But for me, being a CNM is lovely. When I first decided to commit to this journey and become a […]

Being a CNM is Lovely