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cord clamping
***This is an edited and updated article about cord clamping that I originally published in 2015. Way back then, this term was brand spanking new*** For most of my career, I have been on a quest to take back much of the language that we utilize around birth in our […]

Physiologic Cord Clamping

midwifery and herbalism
The threads of midwifery and herbalism have been braided together since the beginning of time. Midwives have been healers as long as they have been attending births, caring for their communities in more ways than one. My pathway to midwifery began with an interest and study of herbalism. At the […]

Midwifery and Herbalism

American midwifery
The current American midwifery landscape is steeped in racism and white supremacy. We have a legacy that must be acknowledged in order to be rectified. Black activists and authors, Black midwives, doulas and birth workers, Black women, families and consumers have all been raising the alarm about the effects of […]

American midwifery

If you have been following our journey at Seasons, you will know it has been one wild ride! We are now, as of January 2023, reopened as a nonprofit center in our community. We have even welcomed our first baby to the new Seasons Community Birth Center family. For those […]

A New Nonprofit Frontier

I have always kept data and numbers for births. Since starting my midwifery practice, I have kept and publicly shared my personal stats. You can check out my latest post here. Outcome data is crucial for two primary reasons. First, to demonstrate our safety and secondly to objectively “check” ourselves […]

Statistics for Seasons Birth Center