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Being a midwife means standing on the threshold between the worlds. Guarding and guiding both the incoming baby and the birthing person in their work. For me, this space is sacred and every family is a blessing. The work of midwifery can be hard but it is also rewarding. In between the worlds of my work and my off time, I am often thinking back on births. Remembering little phrases and moments, cherishing them privately. Sometimes after a birth, words and phrases will begin to bubble up in my mind. They will float there, in the flow of my thoughts, until I write them down. This was one of those births.

There are often babies who start to cry and interact before they are even fully birthed. They are so ready to be present, to be welcomed, to be announced and announce themselves. These babies always bring an extra little smile to my heart. In looking back, many of these babies are not the first for a family…perhaps they know that they have siblings to talk to and be heard through. Perhaps they are used to living surrounded by the noise of family and they can’t wait to join the party. Of course, many of them are also firsts for their family as well, ready to join the world and initiate their parents to the joy of baby sounds.

Between the Worlds

Between the Worlds

It is a singular moment in time,

A second split, the crack filled with a miracle.

Her hands outstretched to the sky,

Reaching into our hearts.

Her feet still rooted in our deepest place,

Leaving an imprint on our souls.

Half of the air while still half of the water.

The spark of fire igniting her cry.

The strength of earth fortifying her body.

This moment between the worlds,

This is a gift from the universe.

I give thanks to this family for allowing me to attend their birth and to share these words.

Images courtesy of Monet Nicole

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