Births Remembered

396 births remembered.   Births Remembered

396 births that I have been honored and blessed to attend as a midwife.

Each has been unique, all beautiful. Some were funny and light-hearted. Some were hard fought, some were excruciating and pushed me to my limits. This work is demanding and asks everything that you have to give. The things in life worth doing often do. I have seen pregnant and laboring people put everything on the line for their babies. And the LOVE, the love permeates all. In these intimate moments, I am invited to share and witness the love of life in a way that few people are able to appreciate on a regular basis. This exposure has created a faith in me, a faith in humanity. A faith that I hold dear in difficult times.

396 times that a family has entrusted me with their lives. All the years in training and study culminate in holding this responsibility for my families. A responsibility not to be taken lightly. One that should entail much soul searching before embarking upon. Make no mistake, lives are in the hands of a midwife. Lives cherished, protected and respected.

If you are a reader of my blog, you will know that I compile and publish my statistics every 100 births. (You can read the 300 Tallies here ) This means that very soon, I will sit down with a pencil and paper to go through these births in order to look at my outcomes. I will have a cup of coffee, maybe a scone and immerse myself in all these 396 births. Relive each one, shed some tears and have some giggles. This exercise is very important to me, it is the only way to know objectively if my care is adequate, if I need to reevaluate choices in the future. To me, this is an exercise that each and every midwife should go through. If you are a midwife, do you? If you have had a midwife, do they?


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