Life Of A Midwife 3

I have been having a lot of random thoughts lately, so I decided to just list them all together as things that you experience, say and feel as a midwife. Perhaps it will become a little series called Life of a Midwife. Hope you enjoy installment #1 🙂

Life of a Midwife

  • Midwives talk about sex a lot; sex to conceive, sex to not conceive, sex during pregnancy, sex after pregnancy, sex during menopause…I think you get the idea here. I recently had one of these sex conversations with a pregnant couple. They were concerned that recently after sex, she had a “long but mild” contraction. We then had a discussion all about oxytocin and orgasm and I said that besides just having sex, they must have had really good sex! Oh boy, the bright red blush x 2 that happened in that room; priceless.


  • When you are at home and doing laundry, you have to wonder “Is this blood or meconium or amniotic fluid or adult stool or….” You get the point.


  • Speaking of body fluids, there is nothing quit like being showered, sprayed, anointed, and getting soaked through your clothes with amniotic fluid during the birth process. I have had amniotic fluid in places I don’t care to mention!


  • Experiencing the honor of having the soon to be Mama, who is working so hard, place her head on your shoulder, or place her head forehead to forehead with yours,  to have her lean on your shoulders, to have her clasp your hand in hers, or to be there for her when she opens her eyes looking for comfort and strength. Time can stop in these moments and leave you breathless.

Image credit Aubre Tompkins, CNM

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3 thoughts on “Life Of A Midwife

  • Serin

    I've been following your blog for what seems like ages and was thrilled to discover that you work at the birth center here where I live! I attended one birth there as a(n aspiring) doula and loved it! I know that you can't do vbacs, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a provider that is supportive of vba2c? Thanks so much!

  • Jen

    For almost 4 years now I have been slowly making my way into the birth world when I got pregnant with my daughter. I meant to start my associates when my daughter was almost 1.5 but I could not afford to not work full time and I wasn't sure so I put it on pause. Then I decided to start doula work as a transition, attended my training only to start working in the office at a birthing center and find out I was pregnant just 2 weeks after! I had a healing HBAC this past Thanksgiving with 2 wonderful CNMs. I've since moved and cross my fingers I will be starting on my associates this fall as a first step on my very long road to midwifery! I've just discovered your blog and it is wonderfully written and insightful and inspiring and I hope to be in your shoes one day. I would love a post that details your journey to midwifery, kinda like prequel to your blog.