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I have dreamed of writing a book ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper (as my Grandpa would say). I am a life long devourer of books, never full, always looking for the next meal. I read all types of book, my hunger does not discriminate: fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, poetry, reproductive justice, true crime, and of course all things Outlander! So, to be able and blessed to add my contribution to the shelves seems surreal. This book, Midwifery for Expectant Parents, is the first culmination of my dream. I am passionate about this book, about putting something positive out into the world, about being able to educate and support more families than I ever could in person. It is my honor. And hopefully, the first of several!

I am a Mother to three vibrant children. I often joke that my birth center, opened in 2019 is my fourth baby. The time, energy and love invested in the designing, building and creating it was immense. This Winter, I hunkered down in my home, in my local coffee shop and in my office pouring out the words, sentences and paragraphs that would ultimately become this book, Midwifery for Expectant Parents. I am proud of the finished product, excited to share it with world and humbled to think that folks may actually read it. I now feel that this book is my fifth child and I hope it thrives.

Midwifery for Expectant Parents
Midwifery for Expectant Parents

As a midwife, I have a strong conviction and belief that there is no perfect birth. Each person should be able to choose the birth that is right for them. Whether you want a planned hospital based induction of labor at 39 weeks, a physiologic birth in a birth center, or a homebirth, I want you to have true Informed Consent, Shared Decision Making and the Right to Decline. I also want you to know that a Midwife can support you in all these scenarios. This book, Midwifery for Expectant Parents, can help guide you to find the choice that fits your desires and life situation. I hope you find it helpful. In the coming weeks, I will share more here, on social media and in other platforms and I look forward to the discussion. So, please stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Midwifery for Expectant Parents

  • Corie Parada

    So immensely proud of you Aubre I don’t know how you find the time and energy! You are a super nova! Can’t wait to read the book and recommend it to all my friends and clients.

  • Tara

    I’m so excited to read your book and share it with others. Thank you for your amazing work and what you make available for expectant mothers and their babies!