There are moments; moments that envelope, define and articulate this work…..

Discovering the first “clip-clop, clip-clop” of a tiny heartbeat.
Words shared to build a relationship.
The glorious, squishy rolling of a babe in the womb.
The reach of a hand, looking for comfort.
Ripples made from the breathing of a woman in the water of the birth pool.
Tears of hard work and joy glistening in the eye lashes.
The soft, fresh curve of a baby’s ear.
The look of awe in the faces of new parents as they embrace thier baby.
Wide, surprised eyes as a woman feels the first latch of her baby.
Laughter shared over the happiness and discovery of the new “normal”. 
Being witness to the growing confidence in new parents….

Listening to, and supporting a woman through postpartum depression.
Being present and available through the struggles of loss.
Discussions about difficult findings.

All of these moments and many, many more are the vocabulary of midwifery…..

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