Powerful Weekend

This weekend, I was honored and blessed to have the opportunity to meet and spend time with several amazing midwives at an event in Florida.  One of whom was Ina May Gaskin.  It was truly a gift and I will be sharing part of my experience in an upcoming post, but I wanted to briefly discuss the content of these photographs.  As part of her presentation, Ina May brought parts of her Safe Motherhood Quilt. To stand up with her, and other midwives, to hold and bear witness to this powerful project was intense, moving and inspiring. As a midwife, I feel that guarding the health and safety of Mothers is an integral part of my duties. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously and physically holding this quilt resonated in my bones. Please take some time to learn about this project and visit the website atwww.rememberthemothers.org

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