Sitting on My Hands

Right now, literally, I am precepting a wonderful new midwife.  She is guiding a lovely first time Mom through second stage.  I am down the hall, well within hearing distance (don’t worry though, the Mom cannot hear my typing ;)), trying very hard not to be over her shoulder.  We have worked together for years, we both started here at the birth center as nurses.  She is more than capable, she is fantastic, she is doing a great job.  I am going crazy out here.  I have precepted many students by now, and find that role easier and easier.  With a student, I am still ultimately “in charge” and am always present in the birth room.  This is different and new for me.  She is a midwife, on her orientation and needs to be completely independent…she need to know that I am here, but that she can do this all on her own.    Wish me luck on my process of sitting on my hands…..

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