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cord clamping
***This is an edited and updated article about cord clamping that I originally published in 2015. Way back then, this term was brand spanking new*** For most of my career, I have been on a quest to take back much of the language that we utilize around birth in our […]

Physiologic Cord Clamping

Births Remembered
396 births remembered.    396 births that I have been honored and blessed to attend as a midwife. Each has been unique, all beautiful. Some were funny and light-hearted. Some were hard fought, some were excruciating and pushed me to my limits. This work is demanding and asks everything that […]

Births Remembered

Community Birthing 13
Language matters. Words, when spoken, have weight and a certain power. As birth workers we know this; the birthing person delivers the baby NOT the provider, midwives “catch” babies. The difference between “my care provider supported me through my VBAC” versus “my care provider allowed me to VBAC” is a […]

Community Birthing

Being a CNM
Let me start off by saying that I am first and foremost a Midwife and I have learned that life often takes us to places we may never had anticipated. But for me, being a CNM is lovely. When I first decided to commit to this journey and become a […]

Being a CNM is Lovely