Tidbits and Snippets

Just some tidbits and snippets from recent births…..

In case you were ever wondering….an AquaDoula birth pool will in fact hold a 5’11” full term pregnant Mama and her 6’6″ husband! It will look like a soup of belly and long legs but it will work.

It is possible for a woman, experiencing a shoulder dystopia in the pool, to levitate herself out of the water and onto the floor.

Being blessed to catch the little brother or sister for a soon to be big sibling who you also caught is pretty fantastic.

Giving birth to your baby on the same day as your wedding anniversary is sweet.

When your answering service calls you at 2am and tells you that Ryan Reynolds in on the phone for you, it is probably just a soon to be Daddy who has similar name and not actually Ryan Reynolds.

Most of the time, nuchal cords are not a problem, but when they are they are a BIG problem.

A Mama can have an extremely difficult second stage, work and work and work for hours, require an episiotomy and then look at you afterward and say “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be” with a huge smile on her face.

Birth…never dull around here!

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