Tools Of My Trade, #3

Midwifery is an all encompassing profession and requires many tools. This series about the Tools of My Trade is an attempt to highlight some of these tools. Some of them are serious, some funny and some inspiring but they are all crucial. In the spirit of the fun of midwifery, I present the third tool of my trade; Coffee!

Tools of My Trade, 3

The Coffee and Tea Station

Once upon a time, in a horrible turn of events, the fancy coffee maker broke. It was like def-con 5 at the birth center; alarms and sirens seemed to sound.  Thankfully, we had a French press to save the day!  What can I say, the coffee is critical; to midwives, nurses, staff and family members as well.  We all know that birth happens around the clock and sometimes we need a little extra help to stay in the groove.  (Of course, we also drink a lot of water and eat healthy well balanced meals, too.) I am a devout follower of the Coffee Gods, before nursing and midwifery school I was mildly observant but after going through school my devotion became ingrained. Then the work of midwifery, the late hours leading into early days, all further cemented my relationship with coffee.

The birth center has a prominent and well-loved altar to the worship of coffee, pictured here.  Recently, I have become more tempered in my coffee consumption. I still enjoy it every day, it is part of my routine but I have significantly decreased the overall amount I drink.  All things in moderation is one of my motto’s and I enjoy my coffee rituals. After all , there are many proven benefits to drinking coffee, you can read about some here. However, I also know from experience that it can easily be overdone! Now, if I need a middle of the night pick-me-up I will do some quick yoga, drink water, have piece of fruit and then maybe have a cuppa if still needed.

How about you? Is Coffee one of your tools? Why or why not?

Curious about the first and second tools? These Hands are the first tools, followed by the second installment here that discusses Baby Blankets and skin to skin care.

Image credit Aubre Tompkins

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